Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Something you do everyday

I love plucking my eyebrows. Anyone else?

I think it takes a certain personality, because I know others out there that are just like me in this. We're this strange group that also loves chipping off nail polish, pulling apart split ends, popping zits, cleaning, organizing, working on crafts, and sewing or any handwork. There's something about all of those things that's relaxing and soothing. It's almost like putting things right.

OCD, perhaps?

Whatever it is, I've got it bad. That's why making my wedding dress was so enjoyable for me, and why I always turn down help that's offered in cleaning or moving. I just enjoy it.

Also, plucking eyebrows daily just makes sense. You get those stray hairs as they appear, and then your eyebrows are always neat and orderly. (Kimball didn't notice that I even plucked my eyebrows till like four months into our marriage, just because he never saw stray hairs. I'm pretty proud of that.) It's all just part of the daily makeup application process, which I might add, now only consists of concealer and a little blush! Thank you sunshine for tanning my pasty skin!! I love wearing next to no makeup in the summer. It just looks and feels so much cleaner. Especially when your eyebrows are neatly plucked and trimmed (I also trim my eyebrows, just FYI). What a strange little post this is.

Oh, and congrats to my little sis, who had her second baby today! She gave her my middle name. Good omen. I'm glad she's well and happy.

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