Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Out of doors

We are LOVING this perfect spring weather! It feels like we've already had a summer's worth of picnics and long evening strolls. This summer is going to be fantastic. And, as a huge bonus to this already potentially perfect summer, we're both equipped with our Pass of All Passes, which we obtained for $10 (an amazing price for a season pass to multiple amazing things. We saved like 97% on this). That means a summer full of lazy river riding and water sliding at Seven Peaks, just a 10 minute walk from our new place, and just a whole bunch more awesomeness at various fun locations around Utah.

I would say I can't wait, but life is already fantastic as it is.

1 comment:

  1. you look great, bethany! i love your makeup in this pic. and looks like yummy food, too :) glad you guys are finally getting some nice weather.

    i'm jealous of your fun season pass, too. i can't believe i lived in provo so long and only went to Seven Peaks like 3 times. we aren't getting season passes to Six Flags this year, and i'm so sad about it. they have an amazing water park, in addition to roller coaster rides.