Thursday, March 08, 2012

Out with the old

I'm getting rid of a ton of stuff today. Nothing feels better than bringing unwanted clothes and things to a second-hand store. It feels so good. Also, in preparation for moving out of this apartment in April, I've been deep cleaning a little bit every day so we can keep our cleaning deposit. In the spirit of cleaning, organizing, and fixing things up, I present to you my new blog (look). It's pretty fun to play around with, so go through all those tabs up top and see which view floats your boat. Also, feel free to peruse old funny posts. I say funny not because I think I'm funny, but just because they're full of old boyfriends, less-mature days, and just a different me in general. Oh, and don't miss the photo-a-day post below, called Window!
my hair looks so yellow! and my face looks like gollum.

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