Monday, March 26, 2012


House keys? Piano keys? Computer keys? I went with my laptop keyboard for this one. House keys = boring. And I recently posted about my amazing new birthday present keyboard. My laptop deserves a post of its own.

I've had my pretty little white computer for almost four years now. (Kimball is insisting that it's time to replace it (it is a bit lot slower than it once was) but I just love it. I got it when I got home from my mission in 2008, and it changed my life. It seriously really changed the way I do a lot of things. It has travelled with me to Israel, Canada, China, Egypt, Scotland, and all all over Utah. It has been my window back home when I was away and wishing I was home, and has been my window into the world when I was at school, wishing I was away. It has facilitated long-distance relationships, and it has been a big part of short-distance ones. It went with me through college (I stopped taking notes on paper in 2008), and it has stored pictures and memories of so many great things. It has been with me through the best years of my life! I keep my journal online, so this computer has been my key tool in helping me preserve my thoughts. (I recently read my journal entries from meeting and dating Kimball, and they are priceless!)

The keys, which were once matte, are now shiny with use, and the screen is slowly but most surely dimming with age. I guess the good thing is that when I do finally replace my little beauty with some fancy aluminum update, I won't lose any of that. It'll just look different, right? I don't like getting attached to things, but I'm afraid I'm quite attached to this one. I don't know that I've ever used another object as much as my laptop. It has been such a big part of my life for a long time.

How funny. It's just a computer.

Kimball and I laugh about Siri, and how she it feels like a friend... We worry about people getting attached to artificial intelligences in the future and developing relationships with them, and little kids having trouble discerning the difference between robots and real people. What a world that will be. I guess I'd better get over my attachment. Until I do, though, I love it!

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