Saturday, March 17, 2012


My "green" picture is a tiny little book full of tips for living green. A little St. Patty's gift from mama. Love it. Love the planet. 

We headed to Salt Lake yesterday to spend some more birthday time with my mom. We had dinner at the Blue Lemon downtown near Salt Lake's new City Creek, and we were planning on taking mom and Bruce to see the Orchestra at Temple Square's spring classical concert, but it ended up being completely sold out. Instead we spent a couple hours meandering through Temple Square and City Creek. The weather was perfect, and it was such a beautiful night! I honestly wish I lived down town. I love being in the heart of a city, and I would love to live in one someday. I love the atmosphere there in Salt Lake, and I have for years, but this new mall has made it even better.

The Salt Lake Temple - where we were married!

I'm not crazy about shopping (although I love that City Creek will have a J. Crew, H&M, Forever 21, and a Restoration Hardware!) but this mall is more than shopping. The architecture and the landscaping is beautiful, there's a little waterfall, it's all so well-done, well-lit, and clean, and it just feels so nice and new. I would love to spend a summer evening there. And don't even get me started on the new Harmon's... I LOVE nicely done grocery stores. I wish I could shop there weekly! I'm such a nerd, and I realize it, but this Harmon's is a museum, cafe, cooking school, boutique, health food supplier, organic food retailer, and grocery store all in one. And the carts have an anti-theft device, so they just stop and become un-pushable when you try to steal them. Hilarious! I have to say, the Church (of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) is pretty awesome for completing such a beautiful gift to the city. We had treats and played games the rest of the night and went to bed way too late.

We slept late today, and then we celebrated mom's birthday with (another) lunch at my sister's place. She had decorated in such a cute way. The table was all golden (like a pot of gold), and then there was a rainbow of balloons hanging from the ceiling.

I'm not typically a huge St. Patrick's day celebrator (I wear green some years, and that's it) but it was so cute seeing my niece and nephew following little leprechaun foot prints to a pile of gold and telling them to pinch Kimball, who forgot to wear green.

It was a fun little weekend, and now we're back home, and ready for a nap. How are weekends more exhausting than weekdays?

Mama opening gifts surrounded by grandbabies

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