Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This morning, in usual Wednesday fashion, I drove my husband to school and busied myself at the grocery store until it was time to pick him up and bring him to work. We do this so I can get myself to the temple later in the day. It's a great little system. Sometimes I get back to BYU (Kimball's school) a little early, and today the sky was beautiful!

I took this out the window while I was waiting for Kimball. Can you find
my hand in the reflection?

It wasn't even 11am, and it was 60 degrees outside! The warming weather is making me so happy! This winter was short and calm indeed (at least in Utah). I was planning on buying some boots for the cold months this year, and I'm so glad I never got around to it. I wouldn't have wanted to use them!

Time has flown by since the fire in late November, and that was basically the entire winter. I'm thinking a walk is in order today, if I can find the time. Or maybe tomorrow, so I can have some male, Kung-Fu-trained company (I'm scared of our neighborhood now, since the fire and a recent rape four blocks away).

Hopefully the next few months won't fly by so quickly, especially since we've got to find a new place to live ASAP. (Anyone know of a great basement apartment in north-ish east Orem, preferably one that isn't dark and gloomy?)

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