Thursday, March 15, 2012


Does a bus count as a car? It's gonna have to today.

I'm not feeling great, and I left the house as little as possible today. I did go out a few times to get my husband to work, but I stayed in my comfy yoga pants and didn't bother with hair or make up. I've been searching for apartments, without much success. Anyway, this little double decker bus is a key chain that my mama got me, along with many other pretty little things when she travelled to Europe last spring. The little book in the background is also from that trip.

I've always felt a little tie to England. My grandmother (dad's mom) is English, and I always swore she was somehow related to Queen Elizabeth II, and that that made me royalty. It's a place I really must visit someday. I've only been through the airport once, on my way from Cairo to Scotland in 2010. I remember meeting this girl in line for visas. It seemed like we would have been friends. We'd both been studying in Egypt, and we were heading to the UK before returning to the US. She'd been studying art in Alexandria and was headed to Ireland for a week, and I had been studying Arabic in Cairo and was heading to Scotland to visit Alisa, my holdwine*, for a week. Anyway, we didn't exchange info, but we were friends for our time in that line. That's my memory from England.

*What's a holdwine? If you know (without cheating), you're a huge nerd. Tell me in a comment below so I can congratulate you. If not, I suggest you carefully read The Lord of the Rings and the appendices.

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