Monday, May 02, 2011

what we've been up to

Things are slowly coming together for this wedding of mine. I'm currently living in our new apartment now, working on my dress, and waiting for the invitations to be printed (if I haven't asked for your address yet, be sure and send it to me! I can't remember who I've asked already...).

our new place... the tiny kitchen, at least. 

this was my bed until kimball and i went and got a costco membership!
we got a mattress, and life is much better for me now.

Things are busy, but since wedding-planning is all I have to work on these days, it's really not too bad at all. I had decided to grow my own bouquet... which was going well at first, but then Utah's weather decided to go turn back into winter, and my pretty little plants froze. I'm trying to revive them, but I will now be making my own bouquet, rather than growing it.

my cute little planter so warm in the sun in early april

just one week later, they had begun sprouting... now they're
all wilted and ugly. 

Kimball's working full time at the security lab (in the computer science department - think internet security, not security guard) at BYU, and he's been busy creating his first iPhone app! (It'll also work on the iPad and iPod touch). We're super excited to submit it to Apple (probably on Tuesday), and he's already got a plan for app #2! I'm amazed, really. I can't wait for everyone to see it! It's already on my phone and it's so well-made! I'll post more about it once it's out, so you can all go be the first to download it. Look out seminary students...

please notice the leather-like texture... he
worked long and hard to make it look like
that. the point of the game is to try to guess
where in the book of mormon a randomly-
selected verse is. each guess counts as
one stroke.

Oh, I also graduated from college a week and a half ago, which was exciting, but it also meant that my campus job is over. I was working for BYU Independent Study developing the online Arabic classes. So, you should all go take those courses and let me know what you think. It was great, but it required many hours at a computer, which was a bit draining. I am now unemployed, and I must remain so until my green card paper work is processed (the earliest that will happen is October.) It's a little stressful, not knowing how I'll fill my time, and I'm really just hoping I don't go crazy (any suggestions?)

Until I figure it out, I'll just busy myself with learning the "don'ts" for wives. It looks like a useful little book, full of wisdom. (Thanks, Tiffany!)

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  1. Ha, I just read this now. I'm sad I've never seen your place.