Monday, May 16, 2011

Tell your friends!

I'm so proud of my darling Kimball! His first app was just released in the app store tonight! It's scripture golf (if you served a mission or even went to seminary, you probably played it sans iPhone). You just guess where a given verse is  - first the book, and then the chapter. Each guess is a stroke - you want as few as possible, hence, golf. It's surprisingly addicting, and it's seriously fun to play (especially between meetings in church).

If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, search for "Scripture Golf" or "BOMGolf" in the app store and take a look! It's the one that looks like the cover of the Book of Mormon (see above - this cover art took him a long time. Check out that realistic, leathery texture), and it says Kimball Germane above it.

(It does cost $1.99, but it's worth it, because it will improve your knowledge of the Book of Mormon, and that will eventually help in attaining salvation, right? Apple gave him a very limited number of codes for free downloads, so if you're my sibling or his, or a parent, you can have it for free. My apologies to the rest of you - we both have big families!)

He's been working on it all semester and this week it finally got approved. He is brilliant to me. I don't know how he made it so fancy. For example, when you want to quit a game, you just shake your phone, and it asks if you want to quit. We spent many a night over the last few months working on our own stuff, sitting there with our computers... I'd be gathering addresses for wedding invitations (send me your address if you haven't yet!) and he'd be figuring out how to make it look like the cover was slowing being turned back on the screen. I loved seeing the progress he was making, and I love seeing it there in the app store tonight! We're super excited about it, and he's already working on app number two!

Are there any apps/games you wish were in the app store? He may start taking requests! (I want one that tells me which isle things are on in various grocery stores, but Kimball doesn't want to take the jobs away from those who've learned those things, so I doubt I'll get it).

Let us know what you think and what could be improved so he can start releasing updates and making the next version even better!

Unrelated - this has been floating around facebook, and I think it's funny (it's been photoshopped - trust, me. I watched Cinderella enough as a child to know that some details are WAY off... but still, it's pretty good):


  1. Congrats Kimball! We for sure want the code so we can start playing golf! I have a good idea for an app too, so I will have to talk to Kimball.

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  3. We bought it but turns out that I am TERRIBLE at BOM Golf, but Julian is pretty good. Thanks for the fun new app!