Thursday, June 24, 2010

another sneak peak

I hope to get some more posts up this weekend detailing my amazing trip 800 miles south to Aswan (that's about 15 hours by train). We also stopped in Luxor for two days, which is about 600 miles south of Cairo. One of the many highlights of the trip was the time I spent on Elephantine Island amongst these precious kids. They speak Arabic, but are ethnically Nubian. This picture was taken by my friend Sean in a little scarf shop. They weave these scarves with a big old-fashioned loom. The scarf I'm wearing in the picture was purchased here. It's the only thing I've purchased so far in Egypt (besides food and school supplies etc.) I couldn't resist, just because of how much I loved it there. I never want to forget it. 


  1. Oh they are so cute. Can't wait to see and hear more about your trip. Oh and Ned likes your scarf. He said tell Bethany she made a good choice on the scarf.

  2. Ok, I am absolutely SHOCKED! you aren't buying cheap Egyptian things!? good for you! I guess you stocked up enough the first time!