Sunday, May 23, 2010

power outage

Our power went out the other day.

Not just ours, but the whole street. It had been a really windy night and I think that's what caused it... Anyway, it was kind of creepy, cause our building is really old, and unfamiliar to us. We had no flashlights, no matches or candles, and no internet. All the street lights were out too. Sarah and I took it as a sign that we were doing too much homework, and that we needed a break. So we headed to Road 9 (the hip little street with everything from chic internet cafes to dead animals hanging in butchers' doorways). We decided on Pizza Hut for dinner mainly because it was air conditioned, and had comfy booth seats. By the way, Pizza Hut here thinks it's pretty fancy fine dining... doting waiters, mood lighting, and the like. It was nice just to relax for a bit.

I got lasagna, which ended up not being lasagna. It was good, don't get me wrong, just not what I was expecting. It had no trace of lasagna noodles, but rather, fillo dough (the stuff you make baklava with). It tasted like turkey stuffing, so that was kind of fun.

On the way home we saw this tree that had fallen in front of three stores...

I'm glad all I had to endure was feigned lasagna.


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