Tuesday, May 04, 2010

new home...

Well, we did it!

We found a new apartment! Umma Ridda (the owner of the place) is the sweetest old woman. She has no teeth. The apartment is so Egyptian… not like Pharaonic Egyptian, like real, typical modern Egyptian. The furniture is all fancy and grandma-ish… like fancy Victorian formal stuff, and rugs everywhere. I’m living with two girls, Hannah and Sarah and we’ll each have our own (huge) room, and we have two showers, a big kitchen with fancy china (not actually fancy, but it looks nice… if you’re into that sort of thing…). There's a big dining room/living room area and it has AC and is in a superb location. Really close to the metro and the Maadi Sports Club, which we’re all members of. We’ll see about the Internet there… we should have it set up soon. Until then, I’m using the school’s wireless. I need to take more pictures. I will though, as soon as life calms down… haha, actually that may not happen till I’m back in Utah. I'll try to take more tomorrow.

I’m so exhausted. And I’ve eaten the same thing for the last five meals, just cause it’s been busy: pita, a little cucumber, peanuts, two plums and some crackers and lots of water. Pretty exciting, huh? That’s exotic Egypt or you… haha.

Hmm, what else… I bought my first Arabic newspaper today! Wait, I lie. I bought one in Jordan two years ago, but this is the first one I’ve purchased with the intent of actually reading it, and the capabilities (sort of) to do it. It’s a big step.

Oh, and other good news! I think I might be able to use my own phone here… probably not for a week or so... We’ll see… stay tuned.

Please feel free to laugh at my life. It's kind of ridiculous, no?

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  1. Oh I love reading all of your adventures! I love that you are keeping your blog up to date. And I'm totally with you, I think it was really the alternative ending.Off to Disneyland today. Love you, miss you!