Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day two in Hong Kong

My second day in Hong Kong was amazing. I was completely spoiled. It started with sleeping in (which was almost a miracle considering jet-lag) followed by a delicious breakfast in bed made by Mason. Since I'm taking a whole week off of school, it was inevitable that I would have to spend at least some time doing homework on this trip, so I worked on a paper for a couple hours, and then we headed out for lunch (me, Mason and Mason's mom).

This lunch was so awesome! Such a fun experience. It was a cooking school, and it was seriously awesome. First thing when we got there, they checked all of our temperatures to make sure we wouldn't contaminate everyone I guess. They led us into the dining room and it was awesome. All the students were wearing these bright green aprons and their teachers were wearing suits. Everyone was wearing little masks covering their mouths - little clear plastic ones held on by strings that went back around their ears. I wish I had taken pictures at this place, but alas. The food was really good, and I actually surprised myself by eating just about everything (there was lots of seafood!) We had chrysanthemum tea, and then tons of little tiny courses, almost like little samples of food. They just brought out one after another. I wanted to just laugh so many times though at the attentiveness of the students. The would like rush over after every sip of water or tea and ask you if they could fill up your cup or little teapot. It seemed like there was always a group of five or six students standing about ten feet away watching our every move. Some of them were so nervous too. So funny.

We came home and I spent a little more time working on my paper, which I finished and emailed to my teacher, and then we headed out to meet one of Mason's friends, Theresa. We went to the IFC mall, where we sampled and purchased fancy chocolates and frozen yogurt and sat outside over looking Hong Kong.

IFC's balcony - I just found this picture online, we were there in the daytime.

We were meeting some of Mason's other friends, Sunny and Jonathan, for dinner so we rode over to the Peninsula hotel on the MTR (Hong Kong's subway that we take everywhere). The Peninsula is this amazing old victorian hotel, and according to Mason, it's the nicest one here. It really was beautiful.

I didn't take these pictures... all from random websites

Sunny and Jonathan are here on business from LA, and it was funny cause I actually served in their ward, just a few months before they moved in. I also had even been to Sunny's parents house. She works for her parents business, which happens to be Sunrider (a family favorite).

We had an incredible meal at the Felix Restaurant.

Our view was amazing! We were seated right next to the window overlooking the city. It was such a fancy restaurant too. I went to use the bathroom, and there was a little lady in there who went and found me a stall and got the door for me... a little awkward, but whatever. Then when I went to wash my hands, she was standing there by this fountain thing (it was actually the sink, but it looked like a really fancy fountain/waterfall thing) and she like pumped my soap for me and dried my hands and everything. Kinda funny.

The food was so good. I had this really cool salad. They had cut out a slice of a head of iceberg lettuce about and inch thick, and then put the other ingredients on top of it. So tasty! For the main course I had this amazing duck with pumpkin and fois gras and four very artistically-placed green beans. It looked so fancy, and it was SO good! We were going to et dessert, but all of the 10 or so dessert items had alcohol in them, so we went elsewhere for our sugar fix. I ended up with a plate full of fresh watermelon, mango and other fruit, and Mango ice cream. Such a treat! Mason and I eventually made our way back home on the MTR.

I ate a lot of really good food, and was spoiled immensely. It was seriously such a fun day!


  1. Ivy says: "Hong Kong must be really nice! That hotel is really beautiful. I wish I was you. From that view, I think it would be really scary or beautiful."

  2. Oh i love the updates! keep them coming.
    mason is doing a great job of spoiling you!

  3. Wow, Bethany! What an adventure! I love your descriptions of all the food - start taking pictures! Wish I was in your suitcase for this trip, too. Can't wait to see and read more!