Thursday, January 14, 2010

tape faces & large poultry

well hellooo....

the other night my roommates and i went a little crazy. we'd been studying too much and we had just had it. we threw down our books in disgust and... well, that's not true. we were just sitting around the table catching up on each others' lives, and there happened to be some tape on the table. So, naturally i picked it up and made myself a pig-nose. it got such a great reaction from my roommates that i just kept going. sadly, i don't think they'd done this before. i taught them how, and then we all kinda went crazy.

first we taped our faces up all screwy, and then we dressed up like large poultry and had a race down our hall.... it was weird and oh so fun.

we didn't get any pictures of us standing, but try to imagine it, it's very funny. oh, but you can see it in the little video down below.

it was extremely tiring. seriously.

the race:

shall i make it permanent?



  1. What in the world?!? Man, these photos really freaked oliver out it was so funny. Haven't watched the video yet, it wasn't loading in my phone. How in the world did you come up with those chicken suits? I have never seen that before. Oh and your comment on my blog made me laugh so hard.

  2. 1. i like your sweater.
    2. those socks you are wearing, i have too, but mine now have holes in them.
    3. i remember when we did tape faces, i think it was after a madrigal practice at your house. so funny. i like to do tape faces with kids.

  3. so funny beth. oh the days of roomates.

  4. oh my gosh girl! You are too funny! You totally look like Penelope from the movie of the same name!
    I miss you and your craziness!

  5. hahaha... i saw joe doing the chicken thing one thanksgiving wasn't it? it's so creepy. love the faces.