Tuesday, December 08, 2009

oh man.

i'm struggling through the last week of my hardest semester yet. two days of classes left, and then five days of finals... everything feels a little chaotic, and the arabic program, i believe, is trying to kill me off. seriously. i'm getting no sleep, writing papers, doing assignments, and studying in every spare minute (except right now cause i'm celebrating finishing my last project for political science!) and now, before i get too comfortable on this blog of mine, which i miss so much, i must go study for my ballet final, which is tomorrow morning... lots and lots of french words. thank you canada.


  1. this blog misses you too, i am sure!
    good luck, good luck!

  2. Good Luck on all your finals---arriere, chasse,
    and plie!

  3. Good luck with finals. Brings back memories. Those days do finally come to an end!

  4. thinking of you... you will do well. You always do. Hugs, Mom