Monday, September 14, 2009

graduate studies.

i talked to one of my arabic teachers today. she's from egypt, and i love her a lot. i was asking for advice on what to do with my life, you know, just small talk... and she had a brilliant idea. i was asking about what grad schools she would recommend for studying arabic.

see... originally i wanted to go to law school, but then i realized that that would giving up three years to study law. (aka, no arabic. at all). after all that i've put into learning this language, and all that i will put into it over the next little while, that's just not something i'm willing to do. plus, i would never be able to pay off law school, as i want to stay home with my babies. so, i've been thinking about just doing a masters program in arabic. i've been looking around on the world wide web over the last week or so, trying to figure out where to go and what to do.

my dear teacher informed me that BYU has an arabic masters program, something i did not even know. i hadn't found it cause it's actually a language acquisition program, with an emphasis in one of like seven languages (so basically a masters in teaching arabic). how awesome is that? i think i've finally found what i want to do (although i keep saying that...). but really, after attempting to learn italian, french, hebrew, spanish, arabic and farsi, i think i'm finally coming to know a little bit of what it takes to actually acquire a language.

this program focusses on linguistics as well, so i may need to take some classes in that area before i graduate. anyway, i'm very excited about this new idea of mine, and i've already made my interest known to the people in charge. i wonder if i'll spend my whole life doing this? i don't know that i'll ever settle on one thing. i don't think people should. maybe that's just me justifying indecision.

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