Sunday, August 09, 2009


today i was hungry when i came home from church and the first thing i saw was a big container of popcorn that sits atop my fridge. so i made some. as i stood there turning the handle on my old-fashioned stove-top corn-popper, i suddenly had a craving for hot chocolate with my popcorn, and then, all at once, it hit me. 

i felt like i was ten again, and all i wanted in the whole wide world was to watch The Road to Avonlea. i honestly haven't even thought about that show for maybe ten years. i got myself all settled in with cocoa and poppy-corn and watched a whole episode of it on youtube. 

you may find yourself wondering why... although my siblings should understand... 

i think that one of my strongest memories of sunday as a child was just that. every sunday night everyone in the whole family would go to the family room, and we'd turn off the lights, eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate as we waited with anticipation to see what would happen to sarah stanley, aunt hetty, olivia and jasper dale, gus pike, alec, janet, felicity and felix king!

as i watched this episode and heard all those names i was brought back about a decade and a half. well, the show's not as awesome as i remember, but i definitely enjoyed the memory of thinking it was awesome. i was also reminded of some resentment that i felt at always being compared to sara polly, the actress who playes sara stanley. i didn't really like her, and i wish they (especially brooklyn) would have compared me to felicity. but alas.


this is jasper and olivia dale. i always thought she was so beautiful.

oh gus pike... always getting into trouble... and felicity... i also thought she was beautiful.

aunt hetty and alec king... i think they were brother and sister. aunt hetty always bugged me.

ok, i LOVE that i found this picture, cause i distinctly remember this episode. it aired in 1991 or 1992. i was in first grade, and i remember coming to school on monday and quoting the funny parts with my friend mark. this is sara, who i didn't like to be compared to. 

poor america. canada has such good tv.


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  1. oh sara, you sure have bloomed into a beautiful felicity!