Tuesday, August 25, 2009

all dressed up and nowhere to go

i love my roommates so much. we have so much fun together. this is an outdated post, but i had to revisit the past cause i loved this night. 

well, it was megan's birthday, and we decided that birthdays are much more fun when they're fancy, so we dolled ourselves up and went out on the town. 

(me, megan, ginny... we're missing karla, who's engaged, and hence, not here)

we went to mimi's cafe 

which was oh so tasty... 

and when we had finished dinner it was SO windy, so we played in the wind. 

we really had nowhere else to go, so megan suggested we go to this old tunnel thing. 

we did, and it required a little hiking around in high heels, but it was worth it and we ended up having such a funny night, and quite the photshoot. 



all of this happened on michael jackson's death-day. we honored him by having a dance party, clad in black in our backyard (our tiny 3rd-floor balcony).


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