Friday, May 08, 2009

we live in the future!

yesterday i stumbled upon the greatest bathroom in history (future?) i think. EVERYTHING in this bathroom is automatic. it made me so happy. happy because... well, there are three reasons.

1. i live in an age where the Jetsons would feel perfectly at home.
2. i live in an age where the environment can start being proud of us.
3. i live in an age where the germs in the bathroom stay there.

the toilet paper is automatic... just a little censor and out it comes! the soap and the water are automatic, and then, the hand dyer is incredible! it's not just your typical loud hand dyer. it's supposedly the most hygienic hand dryer out there. 

you just stick your hands in there and out they come, dry and clean! 

to top it all off, as you open the door (and re-dirty your hands) there's this automatic hand-sanitizer thing. so, you open the door, get your sanitizer and walk away rubbing it onto your happy little hands. i've never left a bathroom so excited about the future. it's amazing to me that we are the generation that gets to see the Jetson's world become a reality. 

i guess all we're waiting on now are the silver jumpsuits. 

p.s. i had to go back (who wouldn't?) and this time i realized that i forgot to mention that the toilet flushes itself, and there's a little canister on the door, about two feet above the door handle, that releases disinfectant to cleanse to door handle. just amazing. 


  1. amazing that all of those are featured in one bathroom. the toliets here all have that high tech stuff. there is one in glasgow that has that same hand dryer and it is 100% amazing.
    maybe i drink a lot of water just so i can go and use the toliet/hand dryer.

    where is this bathroom of the future?

  2. Bethany, I totally have an awesome feature for a bathroom as seen in Chicago O'Hare Intl Airport. When you use the stalls, each toilet has a plastic cover over the seat. When you go in, the sensor automatically changes the seat cover before your eyes so your cheeks have a fresh and clean plastic germ guard. I've never felt so reassured.

  3. I love that hand dryer too. First used it in AZ at Arkitecton the architectural group we are working on the gilbert temple with.
    By the way, you DO have a silver jumpsuit photo with Chris Larson. you need to post your silver wear and show it off. It would be perfect with your jetson's blog. Isn't life luxurious!

  4. of all places... BYU. it's in the wilk. right by jamba juice. i'll take you all there when you visit me. except boys... maybe theirs isn't as cool.