Sunday, February 08, 2009

thank you miss july.

"What I like best is the sort of complicated messed-up truth. . . the one that's like so imperfect, you know it's true. You just know it's real. That kind of mutual recognition, especially between strangers. . . I've always loved that. . . . There's proof of something so unspecific that to me, it's really alive - that kind of half-nauseous, half-beautiful feeling..."

- miranda july 
my inspiration for this video. 

*if this video makes you feel uncomfortable or awkward (that 'half-nauseous feeling...') i've accomplished what i set out to do. 

This is one of four little films I made whilst in Israel. I may post the others one day. they're all better than this one. This is just the shortest.

-music by Regina Spektor. 


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  2. i've seen it before, but it's so funny, you'll have to help me do one similar sometime.